Terms and conditions


Goldstar Resort et Suites - Terms and conditions

Article 1 : Booking

Guests should book their room in advance and obtain a confirmation from the hotel staff. To guarantee each reservation, a valid credit card number will be requested.

Article 2 : Payment and payment methods

The rental should be paid at the confirmation of reservation for the non reimbursable reservations and at the end of the stay for the reimbursable ones. Long term rentals should be paid weekly.
Following credit cards are accepted: Visa, Eurocard-Mastercard, American express. It is also possible to pay cash. According to article of 2102 of Code Civil, guests’ luggage might be retained if they are not able to pay.
A credit card number will be requested as a guarantee. A pre-authorisation of the total amount of the booking will be made for reimbursable reservations. For non-reimbursable reservations, the payment will be processed immediately for the total amount of the booking;
Without a credit card, a cash deposit will be requested at the arrival and will be given back at check-out if there has been no deterioration and all bills have been paid.

Article 3 : Modification, Cancellation, No-show, Early departure & commitment

In the guest wants to modify their booking, they should notify the hotel within the delays described on the booking confirmation. Otherwise, the guest might pay the penalty fares announced on its booking confirmation.

In the case of an early departure, the full amount of the booking has to be paid.
The no-show is billed according to the conditions mentioned in the booking confirmation.
In case of an extended stay, the guest has to inform the front desk as soon as possible and request for a new booking according to availability and at the fare at the moment. It is possible that the same suite cannot be provided for the rest of the stay.
All reimbursements are made within 45 days.

Article 4 : Touristic tax

The touristic tax, non-included in the price of the booking, is applicable in Nice. It must be paid at the hotel. Amounts for 2016 : from 01/01/2016 to 31/04/2016 and from 01/10/2016-31/12/2016-€1.70 by person and by night, from 01/04/2016 to 30/09/2016-€2.25 by person and by night. For 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 the amounts will be displayed at the front desk and on the Internet.

Article 5 : Check-in - Access to the suites

Goldstar Resort & Suites hold the freedom to refuse guests displaying a noisy or incorrect behaviour. The hotel management might request the guest to leave the hotel without any reimbursement.
Every person that wishes to stay at Goldstar Resort & Suite needs to show a valid passport or ID as well as a valid credit card with the guest’s name.
Without those documents, Goldstar Resort & Suite will not be able to accept the room rental enquiry.
At the arrival, except with the agreement of the staff, the clients cannot expect to occupy the suite before 3pm.
The checkout is at 12pm (whatever is the time of arrival of the client the day before). A luggage service allows clients to leave their luggage at the frontdesk.
The guest must verify the opening times of all services of the hotel at their arrival.

All people who enter the room must have checked-in at the front-desk and receive an authorisation from the staff.
For security reasons, the number of guests staying in a room cannot be above the number of people the suite has been rented for. Guests should check that door is closed properly before leaving.
Pets are only accepted on a case by case basis and will be subject to additional costs.

Article 6 : Front-desk

The front-desk staff cannot be held responsible for any luggage or items left in the common areas of the hotel. The front-desk can be contacted 24h a day by phone, by dialing 9 from a suite or by dialing  04.9316.92.77 from an external phone.

Article 7 : Parking

A secure and CCTV-protected underground parking is available for guests at a rate of €25 a day by vehicle (subject to availability). Vehicle maximum height: 1.88m. For vehicles above this height, exterior places might be provided at a rate of €15 a day (subject to availability). Although all security measures have been taken, the management can not be held responsible for the theft of a vehicle or any damage that might have been caused in the car park. Guest’s car should be parked in a sensible way so it doesn’t limit the space available for other guests.
The parking is private and strictly reserved to hotel guests.

Article 8 : Swimming pool

The management declines all responsibility concerning accidents that might happen around the swimming pool if security rules have not been respected. Children must stay under the watch of their parents. The access to the swimming pool is forbidden to babies without nappies. It is forbidden to bring food or drinks not purchased from the hotel.

Article 9 : Restaurant

The guest must have appropriated clothes. The drinks and the food from outside the restaurant are forbidden.

Article 10 : Cleaning

The rooms are cleaned every day from 9:30am to 4:30pm. Suites that are left in an unsatisfactory state, or with a difficult access, may not be cleaned at the head housekeeper’s discretion. Pets cannot be left alone in the suite. The staff is not authorised to enter a suite and clean it if clients are still in there.

Article 11 : Respect of other guests

Suites are given out to guests in a good state. Excessive noise and disturbance are forbidden, even during the day. Guests creating a disturbance, of any kind, might be asked to leave the hotel immediately. To make the hotel a peaceful place, all noise must stop from 10pm to 7am.

Article 12 : Responsibility

Children and pets are under the full responsibility of the guests.

Article 13 : Interdictions

For security reasons and for the respect of everyone, it’s strictly forbidden to smoke in the whole hotel. According to décret n°2006-1386 du 15 novembre 2006 smoking in a common space like the Goldstar will lead to additional fee of 68€ and potential prosecution.
It is forbidden to smoke inside the suite. In case of non respect of this rule, the guest might be billed of the amount of the nights necessary to make the suite rentable again.

Article 14 : Damage

Guests should respect the common spaces of hotel and their suite (incl. decoration). In case of a problem, guests’s civil responsibility will be engaged. If a deterioration occurs, the hotel might bill the responsible guest the cost of the reparation or replacement as well as a possible compensation for other guests. The same applies after checkout and the guest’s credit card might be directly billed.

Article 15 : Complaint

Before being rented to guests, each suite is verified to be in good order. Guests are requested to immediately alert the front desk if they see any negligence.
All complaints about the quality of the services provided must be communicated to the staff immediately after check-in or at the discovery of a problem. No compensation will be provided if the staff is not alerted immediately. The management will hold the right to find an alternative solution.

Article 16 : Forgotten items

The hotel declines any responsability in case of a lost or forgotten item in the suites, the car park, as well as, in all common parts of the hotel. If the item has been found, the cost of sending it by post will be handled by the guest.

Article 17 : Check-out

When leaving, the guest must give back the key(s) to the frontdesk. It is forbidden to take away any object that belongs to the hotel. If mistaken, the guest must inform immediately the staff and send back the object as otherwise the object will be billed.

Article 18 : Agreement

The present Terms & Conditions apply to all reservations. All stays are subjected to the acceptation of Goldstar’s Terms & Conditions. The non-respect of the articles above will lead to an immediate cancellation.